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“Mother Earth declares human species a terrorist organisation.”

News from the Natural World: After a period of much deliberation Planet Earth has officially declared the human species a terrorist organization.

News from the Natural World: Mother Earth has officially declared the human species a terrorist organisation.

The decision was part of the legal case of re Mother Earth vs The Human Race (2020). The human race met every single requirement under established international law to qualify as a terrorist organisation. As a result, they have been placed top of the list of the most dangerous on the planet.

Terrorist organisations are defined as;

  • an organisation or body that is directly or indirectly engaged in preparing, planning, assisting or fostering the doing of a terrorist act

Human race declared terrorist organisation

In order to establish guilt, the prosecution had to prove that humans were one body committing terrorism against life on earth. In one of the quickest decisions the prosecution produced all scientific evidence of the destruction that humans have caused over the last 15,000 years. It collated every single scientific study every recorded and showed an alarmingly overwhelming picture of violence. The prosecution drew particular attention to the extermination of over 45% of all invertebrates. As well as the great 6th Extinction of all life forms and the collapse of whale populations by 95%.

human terrorist organisation
Man looks in the mirror at the Human Race

Further evidence was established that humanity was:

  • engaged in preparing, planning, assisting or fostering a terrorist act
  • counsels, promotes, encourages or urges the doing of a terrorist act
  • gives instruction on the doing of a terrorist act
  • directly praises the doing of a terrorist act, where there is a substantial risk that this praise might lead someone to engage in a terrorist act

The court ruled that through global advertising and lobbying the human race was promoting the continued acts of terrorism. It also found that sufficient instructions existed that established exactly how to continue committing these acts of violence. For example, the entire Oil & Gas industry was a systematic instruction based platform. These platforms detailed exactly how to deliberately commit terrorist acts against Mother Earth. Finally, it ruled that the human race was directly praising terrorist acts. They even created global lists of the “Top 100 Richest” people. These people had amassed colossal wealth at the expense of life on earth. They were glorified and defied. This established sufficient grounds that this idolization might lead others to engage in the same quest.

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