“1% Climate Change tax for all earners above 25k”

News from the Natural World: The UK Government has legislated to introduce a 1% climate tax for all individuals who earn above £25,000 per annum.

News from the Natural World: 1% climate tax for all individuals who earn above £25,000.

In a unique turn, all MPs across the House of Commons were in unanimous agreement. They passed the ‘Green Shoots’ bill immediately as well as codifying it into national law. After conducting a nationwide poll in which the UK public was asked whether;

“those who could afford it are prepared to pay an additional 1% income tax towards combating Climate Change”

Over 98% of respondents answered yes. Over 99% of people were happy to pay more tax if they knew what it was specifically going towards. They would be happy if the tax went towards direct initiatives aimed at reducing the UK’s carbon footprint. As well as divesting from fossil fuel investments and re-wilding the British countryside. Many felt that greater transparency over taxes would prompt many to be even happier to pay the Climate Tax.

The 1% Nationwide Tax will go towards creating a national Climate Fund that will invest only in scalable and renewable projects. These projects will be within Clean Green Energy, Rewilding, Plastic Pollution Clean Ups and Green Engineering projects. No more will they let huge companies dodge tax. Finally, they won’t and let millionaires and billionaires dodge tax in offshore havens.

Public happy to pay climate tax to save the planet

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