“Law forces zoos to add signs showing how animals were captured”

News from the Natural World: The UK Government has passed a new law forcing all zoos to add signs showing exactly where and how the animals were captured.

News from the Natural World: The UK Government has passed a new law forcing all zoos to add signs showing exactly where and how the animals were captured.

Despite opposition from The Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums the law passed with a majority of 400 to 225. The bill will force all zoos to include a placard next to each animal exhibit. The placard will say exactly how the animal was captured. If the animal was born in captivity the placard will also include information on how the animal’s parents were captured.

New law shows zoos animals captured
Ozzy the Orangutan – Born in captivity. Father was shot, captured + stolen from the wild as baby in the jungles of Borneo. 3 of his fathers family died during the capture. Transported over 2,500 miles in a tight, cramp cage. Moved between 3 zoos. Died on a dirty concrete floor dreaming of the steamy verdant jungles of his childhood. Ozzy his son has never seen his true home and spends his days blankly gazing into the cruelest eyes on the planet.

Most modern Zoos breed their animals or acquire them from other zoos. But people have forgotten that this shifting baseline removes the fact that at some point a wild animal was ruthlessly from it’s natural habitat. The Jane Goodall Institute showed that for every Chimpanzee captured and imprisoned in a zoo at least 10 others were killed in the wild. In addition, many were dying during capture, transportation or due to stress. In-fact each year, thousands of animals all across the globe are captured, trapped and transported around the world. This is all because humans need something to do on a Saturday afternoon. Or so that they can sell cheap and tacky plastic toys for children.

Zoos forced to say how animals were captured

Babies are the great crowd-pleasers, but when the babies grow up, they don’t attract the same number of people. So zoos often sell them off in order to make room for younger animals. The unwanted adult animals are sometimes sold to “game” farms where hunters pay to kill them. In addition, some are killed for their meat and hides. Other “surplus” animals may be sold to smaller, more poorly run zoos or, worse, to laboratories for experiments.

New law to show how animals are captured for zoos

On top of this most animals are also relentlessly transferred between zoos. They often undergo huge stress and pain from moving around endlessly. One infamous Elephant called Sissy was transferred 11 times during her lifetime. There is a huge ecosystem of transportation and artificial movement for all zoo animals. The new law includes a provision that zoos must add a tally of how many times the animal has been transferred as well.

New law shows zoos animals captured
Eric the Elephant – Captured, beaten and stolen from the wild in Uganda. Watched helplessly as his mother was shot trying to defend him and 6 of his family group were also killed in the slaughter. Transported in a small, dirty cage for 3,000 miles and watched his two closest friends die of stress and exhaustion during transportation. Moved between 4 zoos. Haunted by the memories of roaming free on the savannahs of Uganda but really “cheers up” when you buy a toy elephant from the gift shop.

The new law introduced will force zoos to include the exact details of how the animal was captured, how many other animals died during the capture, how many times the animal has been transported and it’s current state of mental health. London Zoo has been forced to include a placard on it’s “Gorilla Kingdom” exhibit of Silverback Western Lowland Gorillas which reads;

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