“Countries replace symbols of war on flags with animals”

News from the Natural World: In a united declaration a record number of countries have agreed to replace symbols of violence and war with images of critically endangered animals.
News from the Natural World: A record number of countries have agreed to replace symbols of war on flags with images of animals. At a UN Convention, a number of countries formally announced their intentions to overhaul their flags. Many of the nations had experienced large campaigns to remove emblems of violence. The public wanted to replace them with native iconic critically endangered animals. This is in response to global concerns over the continued collapse of the animal kingdom.

Countries replace symbols on flags

As of 2014, there are 2,464 animal and 2,104 plant species with this assessment. Over the last 6 years, numerous other animals have entered this category as well as gone extinct. At last, many countries are finally waking up to the moral duty of protecting these species. By placing animals on national flags it will increase public awareness and make it easier to secure funding.
Critically Endangered Animals on Flags
Papau New Guinea has been praised for featuring an image of the Raggiana bird-of-paradise

Animals featured on flags

Two countries in the Middle East are taking part as well. Saudi Arabia announced the decision to remove the image of a sword because they want to play their part. They will replace it with an image of an Arabian Leopard. The image is to serve as a reminder of the animals Saudi Arabia has ultimately pushed to the brink. The 2nd country to join was Oman. They will change the emblem of a dagger and swords to an image of the Dhofar Toad.
Critically Endangered Animals on Flags
Arabian Leopard – Extinct in the Wild

Animals to be placed on flags

Some countries will also add symbols of animals to existing flags. England has finally agreed to add images of 4 animals in the corners of its flag. The animals are the Eurasian Lynx, Eurasian Brown Bear, Eurasian Wolf, and Walrus. All of them are extinct in the UK. It is hoped that by placing them on the flag people will also be reminded of what we have lost. Russia has agreed to add an image of the majestic Amur Leopard and Indonesia will add an image of the Bornean Orangutan as well. Finally, New Zealand is also to add a silhouette of the critically endangered Maui Dolphin.

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