“Countries replace symbols of war on flags with animals”

News from the Natural World: In a united declaration a record number of countries have agreed to replace symbols of violence and war with images of critically endangered animals.

Animals to be placed on flags

Some countries will also add symbols of animals to existing flags. England has finally agreed to add images of 4 animals in the corners of its flag. The animals are the Eurasian Lynx, Eurasian Brown Bear, Eurasian Wolf, and Walrus. All of them are extinct in the UK. It is hoped that by placing them on the flag people will also be reminded of what we have lost. Russia has agreed to add an image of the majestic Amur Leopard and Indonesia will add an image of the Bornean Orangutan as well. Finally, New Zealand is also to add a silhouette of the critically endangered Maui Dolphin.

Critically Endangered Animals on Flags
Amur Leopard – only 19–26 are estimated to survive in southeastern Russia

In the end, people all over the world are overjoyed at the news. It is clear that humanity is trying to reprioritize the natural world. Other countries like Zimbabwe and Papau New Guinea have been praised for featuring images of animals already. Furthermore many other countries have announced they will join the campaign and also add images of animals to their flags. Because of this excellent news now is the perfect time to save critically endangered animals. We can be proud of our country as well as protect the natural world.

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Critically Endangered Animals on Flags
Critically Endangered Socks

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