“Albatross have agreed to cut down on long distance flights”

News from the Natural World: In a collective decision the Albatross community has decided that it will cut down on long distance ocean-going flights in order to reduce carbon emissions.

News from the Natural World: The Albatross has decided to cut down on long distance flights to reduce carbon emissions.

The decision comes after increasing awareness amongst the Albatross species about the impact that flying was having on global warming. They had heard reports from other species that one of the greatest contributions to climate change was long-distance flights. As well as the increase in the number of flights per capita.

Albatross long distance flights
Albatross enjoying a long distance flight

After careful analysis, it was revealed that the wandering albatross in some cases was flying nearly 500 miles in a single day. Furthermore, it was capable of travelling 10,000 miles in a single journey and was circumnavigating the globe in 46 days. This is an incredibly high average per bird. Ultimately the Albatross knew they had to act to do their part after their species was suffering greatly.

Albatrosses have been peacefully soaring the sky’s for 50 million years. However all 22 species are now in trouble with eight species classed as critically endangered. With estimates ranging at more than 100,000 albatrosses a year – about one every five minutes.

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