“Estee Lauder adds label with how many animals had make-up in eyes”

News from the Natural World: Estee Lauder has agreed to label all products with tally detailing how many animals had makeup squirted in their eyes.

Estee Lauder made the move to combat criticism from conservation groups. They will provide more honest and open feedback on how their products went through testing. On top of that, they will say which animals were used and how long they had the product squirted into their eyes. It has long been known that Estée Lauder still test products on animals. As well as Clinique, Bobbi Brown, La Mer, and Origins, among others. Whilst many assume this brand is cruelty free as they don’t test on animals in the United States. They deliberately pay for deadly testing in China, where archaic and painful experiments on animals are required for cosmetics.

Estee Lauder continues animal testing

Estee Lauder animals testing
One of the new “Mascots” of the Estee Lauder campaign

After mounting online criticism against Estee Lauder animal testing, they made a brave decision. No, not to stop testing Estee Lauder products on animals. But rather to label all their products with the exact method, level of testing and on which specific animal. The move comes as a clear and obvious step towards becoming more open and honest with its customers. Whilst they had previously claimed that they are “committed to the elimination of animal testing”. They expressed that this “obviously wouldn’t be the case if it affected profits”.

Estee Lauder animals testing
CEO Fabrizio Freda VERY HAPPY with the new labels

Estee Lauder have released a number of the new animal friendly sample labels. Their new “Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot Corrector”, one of their bestsellers, will now feature the additional label;

“Tested on animals – 14 Beagles – Severe burns to eyeballs, constant itchiness, blindness & intense psychological trauma – 100% fatalities “

Another of their bestsellers, the ‘Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator’ will feature the label;

“Tested on animals – 13 Guinea Pigs – Skin rashes, severe burns to retina, mange and decaying patches of rotten hair – 100% fatalities.

Estee Lauder animals testing
Part of the new Estee Lauder campaign

And finally the incredibly popular ‘Double Wear Liquid Foundation’ will have an added label detailing;

“Tested on animals – 16 Rabbits – Cramped, isolated and depressed during 6 months containment followed by hourly injection of make-up into eyeballs causing rapid blindness and severe psychological trauma – 100% fatalities.

Estee Lauder have lauded the campaign as a step towards a more open and honest cosmetics industry.


Estee Lauder animals testing
New candidates lined up for the new campaign.

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