“Great White Sharks have decided to attack more humans”

News from the Natural World: New data has revealed that Great White Sharks have agreed to attack and eat more humans.

Shocking new data has emerged that the ferocious species plans to increase the number of attacks on humans. This comes after a huge mix up at the 216th Annual BBS Summit (Bloody Big Shark Summit). The mistake revealed that sharks had been getting their numbers wrong all along. Previously the shark’s data set had shown that humans killed an estimated 27.3 sharks a year. Great White Sharks had been trying to keep the number of attacks they committed against humans down to a fair level. However, whilst this was very difficult to orchestrate they had been doing pretty well. They committed on average 4 fatal attacks each year and an average of under 100 attacks for 2019;

Unprovoked Attacks: 66

Provoked Attacks: 34

Boat Attacks: 9

Not Confirmed: 5

Great White Sharks attack more humans
Great White Sharks attack more humans

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