“Leopards have begun adorning trees with the heads of human hunters”

News from the Natural World: Recent reports of bizarre behavior by the leopards of Okonjima National Park, in Namibia, have surfaced online. These images of male Leopards adorning trees in their territories with the heads of human hunters have gone viral.

The images feature dozens of trees located across the National Park with the heads of hunters displayed on their branches. Severed cleanly at the neck, many trees feature dozens of heads. Some care and effort have been taken by the Leopards to ensure the human head is intact and undamaged so as to look as lifelike as possible.

Leopards begin hunting human hunters.

Leopards start hunting human hunters
Leopards originally got the idea from human big game hunters

The Platypus managed to track down the first leopard to have begun this practice and interview them. They told The Platypus that they’d got the idea from humans. The leopard said they had been stalking a human big game hunter who was on his phone. They were stalking him quietly and crept up beyond him. They peered over their shoulder silently and saw on the ‘phone’ an image of a screensaver. The picture was of a human living room with all manner of animal heads on the wall. There were leopards, lion, tigers, cheetahs, etc.

They thought that this looked really cool so they began to adopt the practice for themselves.

Leopards start hunting human hunters
More inspiration from the human hunters

Since then this bizarre behaviour has proliferated as more and more leopards have adopted the approach. Another leopard stated;

“I did it because I wanted to show all the other Leopards how bad ass a hunter I was, they all came and saw how many humans I’d killed, how powerful I was and it made me feel like a REAL leopard”

Leopards start hunting human hunters
One Majestic Hunter – One Majestic C**Ter

Whilst one simply went on the record as saying that;

“I put the human heads on my tree for purely cosmetic reasons, I just think they look really beautiful up there, I love looking at the head of the homo sapiens and what better way to enjoy it every day than whacking their bonce up in your tree.”

However the practice has come under some criticism and many have even reacted angrily to the leopards behaviour, arguing that how dare they attack humans in this way and use them as ornaments, the practice will only encourage more and more leopards to attack humans and continue this barbaric past time. However the leopards simply argued that;

“If humans do it, why shouldn’t we? You humans have been hunting leopards for centuries, you’ve shot us, beaten us and devastated our numbers all in the name of fun and sport. Why shouldn’t we take a few of you fleshy sacks of s**t with us?

Many hunting advocates claim funds from trophy hunting are required to create employment and food for communities. But there is absolutely no statistical evidence that locals see any of the proceeds from, say, a $50,000 elephant hunt — with the majority of the cash going straight to the government or private safari outfitters. It is hoped that the leopards can organise themselves and concentrate their attacks on big game hunters and corrupt officials. With attacks on the increase, this practice looks set to continue.


Leopards start hunting human hunters
F**K you humans, we’re taking some of you down with us.

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