“UK tells Romania to stop killing wolves”

News from the Natural World: The United Kingdom has told Romania to stop killing its wolves despite shooting its last wolf in 1754.

George Eustice the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has urged Romanian to stop killing their wolves. The Romanian Government had been continuing it’s killing of wolves since 2016. Though they had previously cancelled a plan to kill 552 bears, 657 wolves, and 482 wildcats in 2016. They have resumed killings at an even faster rate after changing their mind.

This angered Romania’s environment minister Costel Alexe. He argued that killing wolves in Romania is the only solution to solve human-wildlife conflicts. Furthermore, the killing doesn’t “endanger the conservation of these two species”. He said that the decision to let the authorities carry out the killings also “prevents trophy hunting”. However, it is not clear that killing wolves will protect livestock. Eustice also argued that there is little evidence such interventions work. Often killing them can make things worse. The older wolves that are wary of approaching farms are killed and they may be replaced by younger wolves who are more likely to attack sheep.

Romania killing more wolves

than ever.

Wolves in Romania to be killed again.
No evidence that killing helps in the long term

The UK intervened after the wolf population in Romania was estimated at less than 2,500. Romania accused the UK of blatant hypocrisy and urged them to mind matters that concerned them. Costel Alexe also reminded the UK Environment Minister that the UK had shot its last wolf centuries ago. Somewhat dismayed, George Eustice responded;

“What? The UK used to have wolves? Have you lost your marbles, we have never had wolves!”

Eustice was proved wrong as data showed that wolves had actually been widespread across the UK for thousands of years. But in the late 16th century they caused such damage to the cattle herds of Sutherland that that King James VI made it compulsory to hunt wolves three times a year. Romania accused the UK of blatant hypocrisy.

The UK had not only legalized killing wolves but made it COMPULSORY.

It was then shown that the last wolf was likely killed in Scotland by Sir Ewen Cameron in 1754 in Killiecrankie (Perthshire). The UK was shocked and a survey of the general public revealed that over 93% had no idea that wolves ever existed in the UK.

Romanian Wolf. Likely to be killed soon.
93% had no idea that wolves ever existed in the UK.

As the debate raged between the UK and Romania, one conservationist calmly observed that;

“You’re both as bad as each other. You, the UK, should aim to reintroduce the Eurasian Grey Wolf to remote parts of Northern Scotland to curb deer numbers and act as a natural trophic cascade to help maintain bio-diversity and reduce deer numbers naturally. You, Romania, need to stop shooting your wolves, encouraging illegal trophy hunting and stop clearly and felling vast areas of the wolves habitat. The reason that they are coming into increased contact with humans is because you’re chopping down all the forests.”

At this point it was too late for either side to back down and the endless hypocritical loop continued, with each blaming the other and no resolution being sought.

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Romanian Wolf

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