“Long lost colony of Dodo found – Humans decide not to kill them all”

News from the Natural World: A shipping vessel in Mauritius has accidentally found a lost colony of Dodo on a Mauritian island.

At 18:06pm yesterday morning a crackling radio broadcast was emitted from HMS Holocene in the Indian Ocean. The broadcast declared something seemingly impossible. The ship had been bound for Mauritius but a strong cyclone blew it off course. The ship lost all communication as well as steering capabilities. After drifting on ocean currents for 24 hours the ship ran aground on the uninhabited island chain known as ‘Cargados Carajos Shoals’. This Indian Ocean archipelago was 430km northeast of Mauritius and consists of a number of sandbanks, shoals, and islets.

Cargados Carajos Shoals

Upon landing the crew leapt onto the beach, full of joy at reaching land. They tried to establish radio contact but did not succeed. On the first night, they heard strange bird-like squawks coming from behind the sand dunes near their camp. The next morning they set out to investigate. They couldn’t have imagined what they were about to find. Amongst a grove of palm trees, they saw a group of 600 large flightless birds. The birds stood about 1m tall and were plump & comical in appearance. They eyed the sailors with curiosity. They had a brownish-grey plumage and yellow feet. The head was grey and naked and they had a black and green beak. They also showed no signs of fear of the human sailors.

The sailors couldn’t believe their eyes and knew thought they bore an uncanny resemblance to the previously thought extinct Dodo of Mauritius.

Could a small long lost colony of Dodo have survived 430km from the main island?

Could they have been the first people to have found the Dodo alive?

The Platypus has since verified the images and authenticity of the radio broadcast. We can confirm that the sailors have discovered a long lost colony of Dodo.

Photograph from HMS Holocene sailors

Dodo Found – the most incredible zoological find of the century.

The Dodo was famously the poster child of extinct animals the world over. However, its lack of fear of humans was its ultimate downfall. Because they were fearless and couldn’t fly the dodo was easy prey for sailors. Also, animals like dogs, pigs, cats, rats, and crab-eating macaques destroyed Dodo nesting grounds and competed for food. At the same time, humans decimated the natural habitat of the dodos and in less than 100 years the entire population of Mauritius and the surrounding islands was killed and the Dodo was officially declared extinct in 1662.

This long lost colony of Dodo’s serves as a reminder to us all that nature will often find a way to survive if we let. Further good news comes from the Mauritian Governments declaration that the Dodo population of ‘Cargados Carajos‘ will be protected and their survival ensured. The island chain has been declared a protected reserve. However, local reporters were slightly concerned by the final line broadcast by the sailors of the HMS Holocene…

“please send help, we’re getting rather hungry…”


An artists impression of a Dodo

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