“Make Great Apes Great Again” Human intelligence downgraded”

News from the Natural World: The IAA (International Association of Apes) has officially downgraded the Human species from a Great Ape to the Worst Ape.

News from the Natural World: The IAA (International Association of Apes) has downgraded human intelligence from ‘Great Ape’ to the ‘Worst Ape’ because of bad behaviour.

The Great Ape family includes 8 primates. There are three species of Orangutan, 2 Gorilla, the common Chimpanzee and Bonobo, and Humans. All Great Apes share certain behaviors, features, and characteristics. Great Apes make big decisions as part of the International Association of Apes. The IAA has allowed Great Apes so they can raise their intelligence every year.

Great Apes Intelligence revealed

Orangutan thinks about the behaviour of Humans

The IAA found that Humans had been abusing their position. They were an insult to apes the world over. The IAA said that the genetic holy grail of opposable thumbs was something to be grateful for. Thumbs were no reason to start destroying the planet. Just because you could use tools was no excuse to act like a bunch of a-holes. There was a huge chance of negative press as humans are the most numerous ape so quick action was taken.

The IAA said it had no option and has downgraded humans to “Semi Smart Ape”. But some Apes said they had to act faster and the move should have come sooner. They said that humans had been acting like a-holes for years because they couldn’t help it. It was is their nature and they didn’t know any other way. As a result, the IAA and all Great Apes will take further action if it thinks it is necessary.

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