"Humanity decides to replace the word 'God' with 'Nature”

News from the Natural World: Humanity has decided to replace the word God with the word Nature.

News from the Natural World: Humanity has decided to replace the word God with the word Nature.

The UN has officially passed a motion that the word God will be replaced by the word Nature. Moving forward every single religious person in the world will have to say that they worship Nature not God. Everyone will pray to Nature and preach that we should abide by Natures laws. No one will be able to use the word God. No one will be allowed to argue about whose God is better or more powerful. Ultimately, there will be one unifying word, Nature.

replace god with nature
Replace the word God with Nature

The decision followed an in depth review by the UN Department of Common Sense. The review found that no other single word in the language had caused more pain and destruction. Humans decision to create and worship a being in their own image was seen as the definition of narcissistic. Humans had no need to create such a being and every single religion around the world had failed. If they had instead decided to worship Nature and the natural world then we could have been spared the effects of climate change, deforestation, 6th extinction and loss of thousands of species.

Replace God with the word Nature

The report showed what would’ve happened at the birth of Christianity if Jesus had been called the “Son of Nature”. Christians would have planted forests rather than graveyards, they would have protected ancient wildernesses rather build churches of gold. The Sistine Chapel would have become the “Holy Forest of Biodiversity” and supported countless wonders of nature. Notre Dame would have become “The Great Shrubbery of Dame”. Rather than going on holy wars to spill the blood of people in the Middle East they would instead have waged wars on corrupt people and big business trying to exploit the natural world.

replace god with nature
More good done in the name of God in the New World

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