"Londoners finally remember that nature is good for you"

News from the Natural World: Londoners have finally remembered that nature is good for you.

News from the Natural World: Londoners have finally remembered that nature is good for you.

The study was published in the United Kingdom by the Institute for Stating the Bleeding Obvious. It is known as the “Everyone Else Told You So” report. The report covered a wide range of activities related to the natural world. These included walking in forests, swimming outdoors, listening to birdsong and lying on the grass and watching the clouds. This was then counterbalanced with another opposing range of activities. Such as ordering endless green tea matcha lattes, staring at a screen for 10 hours and spending 2 hours a day crammed into a moving claustrophobic sardine tin.

Nature is good for you

The data showed that 92% of Londoners previously believed they could look after their health without access to nature. But over the last 3 years the data the figure dropped to 10%. With over 99% stating that they realised now that access to nature was fundamental to mental wellbeing. One person who’d taken the test remarked that;

“I thought I could solely survive on the sense of smug that urbanization and being a Londoner brought me. But now I know that walking beneath trees and jumping into lakes is good for me. When will the rest of the UK realise this!?”

Londoners lagging far behind the rest of the UK

Well in fact the same report showed that the rest of the UK has known this for some time. In-fact rural communities across the UK showed a 99% realisation that nature was good for you as far back as 1000 years and that every single subsequent rural generation also knew this. The report also indicated that 100% of UK rural communities knew, and still believed, that nature was fundamental to their wellbeing.

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