"Graveyards replanted with trees & renamed "Forests of Remembrance"

The United Nations has issued a global decree that all graveyards are to be replanted with trees and renamed "Forest's of Remembrance".
News from the Natural World: The UN has announced that all graveyards will be replanted with trees and renamed “Forest’s of Remembrance”. The decision is an effort to combat the effects of climate change as well as increase tree planting. It is hoped that the trees will draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere of the earth. A Think Tank named “Ashes for Ash Trees” came up with the idea to replant all graveyards with trees. The initiative will see existing graveyards replanted entirely. The trees will be planted around, on top of, near and across all gravestones. Gravestones themselves will become a thing of the past and will instead be replaced with “Grave Trees”. Families will be able to select a specific species of tree in memory of their loved ones.
Graveyards replanted trees
Mexico City is running out of space

Graveyards renamed “Forests of Remembrance”

The United Nations passed the bill with overwhelming support. The think tank drew attention to space currently used by graveyards across the world. Graveyards take up a huge amount of space all over the world. One spokesperson for “Ashes for Ash Trees” said; “They won’t mind, they’re dead. If they didn’t mind the worms eating them, they certainly wouldn’t mind a tree being planted on top of them.”
Graveyards replanted trees
Worlds largest graveyard in Iraq
But critics have argued that planting trees in existing graveyards is a desecration of those who have passed on. Ultimately it also robs families of a place to grieve. Many have questioned whether a headstone with a name on offers more comfort than a specific tree. But do we care more about dead people from the past or the children of the future?”

All graveyards will be replanted with trees

The move has been hugely popular across the world. Societies all over the world realise that human society has made a huge mistake. Instead of gravestones if we had always planted trees then we would have been able to plant over 100 billion trees. That number, call it 100.8 billion, is the rough estimate for how many people have died. That’s one hell of a lot of trees.

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