"Ben Fogle replaced by a Moose as UN Patron of the Wilderness"

In a shock twist Ben Fogle has been replaced by a Moose as UN Patron of the Wilderness.

News from the Natural World: Ben Fogle has been replaced by a Moose as UN Patron of the Wilderness.

The move has come as quite a shock. The adventurer and all-round good guy, Ben Fogle, was axed as UN Patron of the Wilderness. His replacement will be a Moose. Yes, you heard that right, a Moose. The UN has decided to find more roles for animals. This is because they feel that humans are no longer up to the task. Animals will bring a fresh perspective and a new way of working. This new initiative has not been without criticism.

The decision follows a long internal struggle between members of the UN Environment program. In fact, rumors are circulating that the decision was made without Ben Fogle’s knowledge. The role involved participating in global outreach programs and through adventures showcasing humans’ impact on the natural world. This was in an attempt to highlight best practices exploring the outdoors.

Ben Fogle UN Patron
Ben Fogle upon hearing the news

Ben Fogle replaced by Moose as UN Patron of the Wilderness

However, critics have argued that there was inherent hypocrisy apparent. How could a human represent as well as act as a symbol of the wilderness? No other species has done more to eradicate and destroy the natural world. Ben Fogle’s position was difficult to defend given the current 6th extinction that Planet Earth is facing. In the end, the UN Environment Programme declared that humans can no longer be considered as emblems of the wild. Ultimately they were not a suitable image of the wilderness.

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