"Man stops going to SeaWorld after seeing Blackfish"

News from the Natural World: London man, Willy Free, has decided to stop going to SeaWorld after watching Blackfish and has renewed his membership at London Zoo instead.

Blackfish exposes SeaWorld

However, some critics have argued against the hypocrisy of such comments. Ultimately the day is coming when Zoos will have their “Blackfish” moment. London Zoo especially has tigers and lions whose natural range is hundreds of miles in the wild. However, in captivity they are confined to incredibly small enclosures with deceptive names like “Tiger Territory”. The Tigers true kingdom is in the wild, not in Regents Park, London.

Blackfish SeaWorld
Tigers in their “Natural Habitat”

When confronted with this argument Willy looked shocked and turned to the reporter;

“Until I see it in a popular documentary I’m not changing my mind. You can’t possibly be suggesting that I think for myself!?”

With that he set off to London Zoo amongst thousands of others to see the trapped wild animals.


Blackfish SeaWorld
More “Natural Habitat” for tigers

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