" Whales brand humans stupid due to inability to navigate naturally"

News from the Natural World: Whales have made the unanimous decision to brand humans as stupid lifeforms due to their complete inability to navigate naturally.

News from the Natural World: The whale species has branded humans as stupid lifeforms due to their complete inability to navigate naturally.

The news comes following the annual mass gathering of whales all over the ocean at Cetacean Summit 2020 last week. The large event is a forum for whales the world over to gather and share important updates. They often vote on a set of motions or initiatives affecting all species of whales. A Humpback Whale known as Hilda brought forward a new motion. The motion said that humans should be formally changed from ‘intelligent’ lifeforms too ‘unintelligent’ lifeforms. This was on the basis that human beings had no ability to navigate the ocean naturally.

Humpback Whale naturally navigating over 10,000km with its mind

Whales had previously believed that humans used their mind, intuition, and instinct to navigate the ocean. However, evidence was also presented by Hilda that humans, in fact, had to rely on instruments. Many of these instruments and machines also relied on decade upon decade of collective thought. Furthermore, they had no ability themselves to navigate and it took years of hard work and training. They even had specially trained humans to master the art of navigating the ocean. All the whales were in agreement that this fundamental lack of innate ability showed a clear lack of intelligence.

Whales brand humans stupid

Whales travel colossal distances across the ocean. The Humpback Whale travels the longest distance recorded for any mammal. Sometimes swimming across nearly a quarter of the globe between breeding grounds. Many whales travel similar distances and navigate the entirety of the ocean. Some return to the same feeding and breeding grounds every year, all with only the power of their minds. No machines, no instruments, no technology. They do this all completely naturally.

Whales navigate 10,000km solely with their mind

Hilda showed more evidence that humans couldn’t even complete a relatively short car journey without a ‘sat nav’. In addition, she demonstrated that humans couldn’t even navigate short walks without the help of an AI called ‘Google’. One chart showed that 94% of all humans couldn’t even read a map. Many humans relied on ‘Google’ to complete even the simplest of tasks including shopping and going to work.

Humans apparently have to ‘read maps’ to find out how to get between places

All of the whales gathered were in a complete state of disbelief and couldn’t stop laughing. How stupid must these humans be because they couldn’t navigate thousands of miles solely with their minds! The whale family is in complete agreement. Finally, they have downgraded humans to an unintelligent life form and rebranded them as stupid.


Whale cracking up at humans lack of navigation skills

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