"Dogs embarrassed by humans sense of smell"

News from the Natural World: Dogs have declared they are embarrassed by how rubbish the human sense of smell is.

News from the Natural World: Dogs have declared they are embarrassed by how rubbish the human sense of smell is.

The canine species has shocked the whole of the natural world with the decision. At the weekly meeting of the Global Council of Species the canine representative made the announcement. Fido Newton stated that dogs had been studying human noses very closely for centuries. They had spent hours analysing the strength and power of humans sense of smell. As well as watching how they ate. Finally they observed how they communicated and even watched how they greeted each other.

Dogs shocked by humans sense of smell.

Dogs Nose - shocked by humans sense of smell
Dogs nose – 40 times more powerful than a humans

The dogs came to only one conclusion. Humans sense of smell was absolutely rubbish. They were almost embarrassed by how nasally challenged humanity was. One statistic showed that over 95% of humans started their days by asking each other “What did you have breakfast?”. The dogs could not believe this;

“They actually had to ask each other what they’d eaten rather than just sniffing their anus and finding out for themselves.”

Some humans went even further and talking about what they’d eaten and asking more questions became an elaborate ritual. These rituals of questions around eating food could go on for hours. The dogs simply could not believe that the humans couldn’t just sniff another humans butt and find out for themselves.

The canine meeting erupted in laughter. All of the gathered dogs simply couldn’t control themselves. An animal that revered itself so much actually had such a terrible sense of smell. Dogs had previously looked up to humans but now they just felt sorry for them. They were left with no option but to officially state that humans have the worst sense of smell in the animal kingdom.


Dogs happy with sense of smell.
Just a dog stoked on how strong its nose is.

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