"”UK Government to employ 100,000 unemployed citizens to plant trees”"

News from the Natural World: The UK Government has decided to employ 100,000 unemployed citizens to plant trees all across the UK.

News from the Natural World: The UK Government has decided to employ 100,000 unemployed citizens to plant trees all across the UK.

DEFRA, a department of the UK Government has decided to launch a new campaign to plant trees all over the UK. 100,000 currently unemployed people from all areas of the country will immediately be given a salary and health benefits. These organised groups across every city will then set about replanting trees. Furthermore, extra attention will be paid to areas with a lack of natural spaces. As well as cities which have seen a particularly large decline in trees and green areas.

The campaign is being seen as a complete no brainer. The UK currently has rising unemployment alongside rapidly accelerating deforestation. The scheme will be defeat unemployment and the destruction of the natural world. When asked why the government hadn’t done this earlier they said it was because they didn’t have the money. But the new 1% Climate Tax for all earners above 25k will pay for the scheme.

UK Government plant trees
UK Government to plant more trees

UK Gov employs 100,000 unemployed people to plant trees

The UK population is overwhelmingly positive about the scheme because of its simplicity. Much of the UK has been rapidly urbanised and is in need of natural rejuvenation. Over 98% of people want to see the reintroduction of trees and replanting of many lost species of flora. On top of this, 99% said that creating jobs in the environmental sector could combat unemployment. As a result the public created the slogan “Jobs for Tree Planters”.

However some critics argue that environmental policies like this don’t make economic sense. We don’t have the money to pay for policies like this and such schemes don’t generate revenue themselves. But this concern has been quashed as the UK Government is finally attaching fiscal value to schemes which benefit the environment but don’t directly create wealth. They argued that there is no point in wealth if you don’t have a habitat that can safely support human life.

The scheme has been met with widespread approval. As of today 100,000 unemployed people will take part in the nationwide tree planting campaign.


UK Government plants trees
UK Government to plant thousands trees

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