"Darwinism is not working – all the best animals are extinct"

News from the Natural World: Darwinism is no longer working as all of the worlds best animals are going extinct.

News from the Natural World: Darwinism is no longer working as all of the worlds best animals are going extinct.

A new report from the UN has shown that Darwinism is no longer working as a successful evolutionary model. The data highlighted that since Darwin published his magnum opus “The Origin of Species” we have lost an unprecedented number of interesting animals. Even before his great work we lost countless numbers of the ‘best’ and most interesting species. This is because of the current 6th Extinction. These great extinctions are a 75% loss of all species on earth. For the first time ever one has been caused by a single species, humans.

darwinism not working
Giant Ground Sloths. Why the hell would we get rid of them!

The human population has skyrocketed to beyond 7 billion. During the last 100,000 years we have lost 40% of large mammals in Africa and more than 70% in North & South America. This is because of deforestation, habitat loss, overhunting, climate change, pollution and other human activities. Furthermore it is likely we will lose 50 percent of species by 2050. Numbers of humans, pigeons, rats and cockroaches have risen. Whilst numbers of tigers, snow leopards, rhinos, blue whales have dwindled. Was Darwinism supposed to end with a mass of violent and destructive humans? Was all that was meant to co-exist with us a plethora of homogenised grey animals? Grey squirrels, rats, rabbits, pigeons and mice…

Darwinism not working anymore

Survival of the fittest is resulting in the loss of all the most incredible and interesting animals for the sake of slightly comfier lives. For an extra car, another holiday or a bigger sofa. We are losing incredible animals so quickly that over 95% of people don’t even remember they existed. Read off a list of the Tasmanian Tiger, The Great Auk, Auroch, Baiji or Barbary Lion and most adults will never have heard of them. More people in the UK could name the last winner of Love Island rather than tell you what a Quagga was. It’s clear that Darwinism is not working, the human race has got too good at eliminating other species.

darwinism not working anymore
The Quagga – now extinct

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