“Javan Rhino enters the London Marathon and wins”

News from the Natural World: A Javan Rhino has entered the London Marathon and won.

News from the Natural World: A Javan Rhino has entered the London Marathon and won.

For many years people have been dressing up as animals and taking part in the famous London Marathon. They pick an endangered animal, put on a massive suit and run 26.2 miles. Over the years countless “animals” have completed the race. Elephants, pandas, camels, gorilla and even a velociraptor. But one of the most famous competitors was a man who dressed up as a rhino. In addition to the size of the costume it was also incredibly heavy. But nonetheless these humans always managed to complete the marathon and raise money for the animals. In distant Java a certain someone was captivated by these events.

Jemima the Javan Rhino had been the greatest runner in her rhino crash. It all started after a traumatic event in her early childhood. One morning when she was wee rhino calf she had been romping around in the dense steaming jungles of Java, Indonesia. Her mother, father, brother and friends were in a nearby clearing when she heard a loud noise and crashing sound. Jemima ran towards the noise and saw a horrific sight that scared her for life.

Javan Rhino
Jemima the Javan Rhino was scared for life

Rhinos are on the brink

In front of her were the slaughtered bodies of her brother, father and the rest of the Javan Rhino crash. Bullet holes riddled their bodies and blood dripped from their noses. Human poachers stood over their lifeless forms, guns in hand and grins on faces. They were human poachers who killed the Javan Rhino for its horn. One of the poachers was stood over Jemima’s mum, she was still alive whilst he was sawing off her horn. Jemima will never forget the look of terror and pain in her eyes. She stared straight at Jemima and shouted “RUNNNNN”. She turned tail and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Jemima has been running ever since.

She grew up to be the greatest runner of all the Javan Rhinos. When the poachers came she would sprint off. If the loggers came and she would turn and flee. She just wanted to live in peace. One morning she strayed into a conservationists camp and wandered past their out building. She saw images flashing past on a box. The images were of thousands and thousands of humans all running together. It was the London Marathon.

Jemima the Javan Rhino couldn’t believe it. There were thousands and thousands of runners, all smiling and being cheered by fans. Then she saw it, a Javan Rhino, or at least what appeared to be a Javan Rhino. But it was a human dressed as one They were running the marathon to raise money to save her species. Jemima couldn’t believe it, this could be her chance to run to truly save her kind. She could finally confront what she had been running from all these years, the extinction of her species.

Javan Rhino enters the London Marathon

Javan Rhino
Human running the London Marathon as a Javan Rhino

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