“Jesus has risen and he’s tried to go vegan”

News from the Natural World: Jesus has risen and he has tried to go vegan and failed.

News from the Natural World: Jesus has risen and he has tried to go vegan.

Last week Jesus returned from the dead but he had a panic attack once he had seen what humans had done to the environment. He decided to move to Slovenia, the greenest country on the planet, to relax. Because he was so overwhelmed and didn’t have a clue where to start he knew he needed to start small. Diving straight into Google, he searched for a small personal act that might go some way to help saving his mums planet.

Jesus vegan
Jesus learning the ways of veganism

After a quick Google search, Jesus found that the easiest thing he could do was to go Vegan. There were thousands of articles online saying how becoming a Vegan would save the planet. Influencer after influencer saying that the only option was to go full Vegan. His eyes filled with tears and he knew what he had to do next.

Jesus researches veganism

He set out from his cabin in Slovenia and embarked on his life as a Vegan. He passed a local farmer high up in the remote mountains of Triglav National Park. The man was making cheese from a small herd of goats that he kept at his farm. This ancient shepherd had lived in the mountains for generations and his flock of goats was an extension of himself and vital to his survival. Jesus wanted to try some of his cheese but had read that vegans could not eat cheese from goats. He walked on distraught.

He passed an old women on his way home with a small flock of chickens, she had free range eggs. Jesus could see the chickens clucking away happily in a field behind her house. Oh wait, he thought, can’t have one of those either. Further he walked on, sad and upset.

Finally, he reached his cabin at home, the sun was setting over the lake. One of the local villagers had left a fishing rod with a note attached to it – “teach a man to fish and all that, knock yourself out God spawn”. Jesus was about to set out to catch some supper but then realised again that as a Vegan he couldn’t. He settled down upset at his new way of life.

Jesus has failed to stay a vegan

Jesus realised it was not morally or ethically wrong to consume animal products. The Inuits of Alaska had sustainably hunted seals for centuries. Undiscovered Amazonian tribes had sustainability fished for thousands of years. Humans all over the planet consumed animal products in a sustainable way. The problem was mass and unnecessary consumption of animal products as well as the colossal meat industry. The rise of militant veganism was actually a further disassociation of humans role within nature. Another attempt to prise ourselves from the animal kingdom of which we are a part of. All omnivores ate meat, the problem was that the majority of meat consumption globally was unnecessary.

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