“Jellyfish angry at losing vital jobs to plastic bags”

News from the Natural World: Jellyfish all across the world are incredibly angry at losing their jobs to plastic bags.

News from the Natural World: Jellyfish all across the world are incredibly angry at losing vital jobs to plastic bags.

Jellyfish have served an absolutely crucial role in the circle of life for millions of years. Despite having no heart or brain they are a vital part of a complex food chain.

It is the dream of any Jellyfish to grow up and be eaten by a Turtle. In Jellyfish school the Baby Jellyfish are taught about all the different types of Turtle. They learn all the different species, mating habits and behaviours. Some of these Jellyfish even progress to to Jellyfish University where they learn about critically endangered turtle species. They take classes on how to grow as big as possible and drift to specific locations to feed these endangered turtles. The Jellyfish worship the mighty turtle and it is truly their life’s dream to be eaten. They even have the mantra – “To be Eaten, is to be Loved”.

Jellyfish plastic bags
Jellyfish university – learning about turtles

But something happened which has changed everything. Less Jellyfish were being eaten every year. They were returning home, utterly distraught and with no hope. In desperation they were looking for Turtles everywhere but couldn’t find any. In the end Jellyfish unemployment rose and they couldn’t figure out what was happening. Not only were they finding less turtles but also the turtles they found appeared ill and bloated. They showed absolutely no signs of interest in the poor Jellyfish.

Jellyfish lose jobs to plastic bags

Jellyfish plastic bags
Sea Turtles can’t tell difference between a jellyfish or plastic bag

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