“UK Government to replace all gambling shops with urban micro forests”

News from the Natural World: The UK Government will replace all gambling shops with urban micro forests.

News from the Natural World: The UK Government will replace all gambling shops with urban micro forests.

The UK Government has responded to overwhelming evidence that gambling is dangerous, corrosive, preys on the weak, poor and vulnerable and creates a myriad of mental health problems for society. They will replace all physical gambling shops across the UK. These depressing shops, Ladbrokes, BetFred, William Hill, Paddy Power etc have become the dominant feature on broken Britains dilapidated high streets. Urban micro forests will replace the gambling shops. These micro forests will be a small compact urban garden with roofs, vegetable patches, learning centres and education pods. They provide small community based learning and micro immersion in a semi natural environment.

urban micro forests
Urban Micro Forests as part of UK Government scheme to replace gambling shops

The government will pay for the urban micro forests by increasing corporation tax on online gambling. This increase in tax on online gambling businesses will allow for the demolition of all existing physical gambling shops. It will also pay for the replanting and recreation of urban micro forests and gardens. Finally, it will pay for the wages and retraining of every single staff member of all gambling shops. In addition they will give guided tours of the micro gardens, run community led gardening projects and educate school groups on nature and wildlife in their areas. Furthermore, many people were shocked that all of this could be paid for just by increasing tax on online gambling…

Urban Micro Forests to replace Gambling Shops

In 2017 the online gambling market reached a global revenue of £45.8 billion. It is projected to reach £94.4 billion by 2024. The UK is in fact leading the way globally with one of the fastest growing and most aggressive markets. In the UK in 2018 the total gross gambling yield (GGY) of the UK gambling industry was £14.4 billion. Also online gambling companies pay only 15% levy on their earnings. That’s right only 15%. That’s less tax than the average person pays on their salary or shopping.

urban micro forests
Gambling shops have ruined the local high street

These gambling companies create huge profit and wealth for themselves at the expense of ordinary citizens. Gambling can also cause serious mental health problems and illnesses. In addition excessive gambling often causes a multitude of emotional symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Also in extreme situations, these thoughts may lead a gambler to actually making an attempt to end their life.

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