“Ticks sue Nike for copyright infringement”

News from the Natural World: Ticks are suing Nike for copyright infringement.

News from the Natural World: Ticks are suing Nike for copyright infringement.

Ticks all over the world have gathered to deliver a sting blow to the retail and fashion giant. Some critics have accused them of being a blood sucking parasite who secretly sucks the blood of innocent people, and that’s just Nike! Imagine what they think of Ticks!

What are Ticks? They are tiny arachnids, a micro spider. They are around 3 to 5 mm long and part of the superorder Parasitiformes. Ticks are external parasites because they live by feeding on the blood of mammals, birds, and sometimes reptiles and amphibians. One of their favourite meals is humans. They latch onto skin, bury their head into flesh and start sucking blood. Their body balloons in size as they will up with the red life giving liquid and they’re notoriously difficult to dislodge.

Ticks sue Nike

Look at that horrible bugger!

The Tick community across the world had began to hear rumours and stories of a new type of Tick. This imposter was becoming incredibly popular and humans almost seemed to be worshipping it. The Nike Tick was its name. The Ticks decided to look into this rival and find out who this wannabe blood sucking parasite was. But they were in for a shock. It wasn’t even a real tick, it was an imposter! It was something called a “Retail Giant” and didn’t look anything like a normal blood sucking parasite.

Ticks angry at Nike for using sweatshops
Nike was a rival bloody sucking parasite

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