Agony Earth

“Mother Earth angry that humans think Octopus came from space”

News from the Natural World: Mother Earth has become increasingly angry that humans don't think she created the Octopus.

News from the Natural World: Mother Earth has become increasingly angry that humans think Octopus came from space.

Mother Earth was minding her own business and hanging out with all the other cosmic entities, playing “Age of Galaxies” and having some beers. The conversation began to drift to their favourite planets and creations. Overall the other creators weren’t very impressed with her work on Earth. Nammu, Marduk, Pangu and the others felt that too many of Earths creations were the same. 2 eyes, 2 ears, a mouth, 2 legs, 2 arms… BORING. Granted they were quite impressed with her work on Giraffes, Wobbegongs and Narwhals. But they still felt they weren’t THAT impressive. But Mother Earth had an ace up her sleeve.

There was one animal on the planet that she was more impressed with than any other. It was her labour of love. She had spent days upon days coming up with all of its various parts. She knew it was by far the weirdest creature she’d ever created, it was unlike anything else she’d done on earth. The other creators would be so impressed that they’d have to shut up forever. It was the ace up her sleeve. It was the Octopus.

Mother Earth angry at humans

Octopus from space
Mother earth was so please with her creation of Octopus

She leaned across and told all the other cosmic entities about the Octopus. The gods many eyes bulged in wonder just at the sound of its name. She told them that it had 8 large tentacles covered in large suction cups. They could change the colour of their skin and were poisonous. Octopus also had large bulbous heads, three hearts as well as blue blood. Also they could squirt ink to deter predators and had no bones. In addition they were incredibly intelligent, could squeeze into tiny spaces and could also use tools. She’d even created one Octopus called Paul who could predict football scores!

All the creators were incredibly impressed. But Marduk had opened up his iPad and was scrolling through pages about the Octopus. He screamed out with delight! There was article after article written by humans saying that the Octopus was from outer space, which meant Mother Earth couldn’t had created it! How dare those human sacks of s**t dare say the Octopus was from space. It’s my finest hour, my weirdest of weirds! “Pass me that bloody iPad”

Mother Earth furious that humans think Octopus came from space

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