"Critically Endangered Animals declare war on the human race"

News from the Natural World: A coalition of Critically Endangered Animals have declared war on the human race.

But this was just the begining. Gertude had issued a mighty call to arms and Critically Endangered Animals all over the world rose up against the human race. They would no longer stand by and wait to go extinct. “Oh please mister humans, stop killing us all and eradicating our species so you can have a slightly more comfortable life.” Ridiculous.

2,000 sumatran elephants joined and started ramming trucks transporting oil off the roads. In addition a platoon of 100 Vaquita started destroying the Oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Also Stellar Sea Lions in California have started destroying the underground cables that provide electricity to San Francisco. Ultimately all 2,464 critically endangered animal species have joined the war against humans.

Finally, how many other species will join up? Find out more as Critically Endangered Animals have finally declared war on the human race.


Critically endangered gorillas
Gorilla training in Guerrilla warfare

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