“Australia to add solar panels to the roof of every single house”

News from the Natural World: The Australian Government will add solar panels to the roof of every single house in the country.

News from the Natural World: Australia will add solar panels to the roof of every single house in the country.

Australia passed the new law due to the escalation of the effects of climate change. From 1 November 2019 to 31 January 2020 the country faced unprecedented wildfires. About 27.2 million acres of bushforest, and parks across Australia were destroyed. More than 1 billion mammals, birds, and reptiles likely lost their lives in the blazes. 25,000 koala bears died on one island alone.

The fires put huge pressure on Australia’s unique wildlife. The country is home to at least 244 species that are found nowhere else on the planet. But the region has the highest rate of native mammals going extinct over the past 200 years. This years fires were unprecedented as Australia recorded its hottest ever day on Dec 18th 2019. The month of December was also the hottest month ever as well as the hottest and driest year on record. In fact records show that since 1910 the countries temperature has risen by over 2 degrees.

Australia solar panels
Bushfires in Australia were exacerbated by burning fossil fuels

“The reality is, this is a function of climate change — this extreme heat, these extreme conditions that are so volatile and are producing the types of intensity and early season burning that we do not normally see in Australia.”

Australia to turn to solar panels

Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to admit that climate change had played a large factor because he was bribed by the coal mining industry. However the public demanded his resignation amidst sweeping protests. He was immediately fired from his position and forced to live a year on a remote Australia island surviving only on a diet of coal. He was replaced by a Koala Bear called Kevin. Kevin is the first animal to become the Australian Prime Minister.

The images of terrified, scorched and burning Koalas were utterly horrific and disturbing. Their charred fur and scarred eyes testament to the horror of being burnt alive and feeling utter terror. Photos of bandaged hands and firefighters sharing drinks of water went viral. These horrific images held an immediate mirror up to our actions. We could see the impact humans actions were having on other living beings. It was a time for change.

Australia solar panels
Kevin the Koala is now in charge

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