“Australia to add solar panels to the roof of every single house”

News from the Natural World: The Australian Government will add solar panels to the roof of every single house in the country.

Kevin the Koala to use solar to fight climate change

Kevin said that it was absolutely bleeding obvious. There was a huge giant ball of everlasting energy in the sky and every house had a roof. Furthermore, solar panels caused no adverse effects on the natural world. Kevin also urged people to live more frugally;

“If you really care about Koala bears then just watch less Netflix, listen to less Spotify, don’t have a f**king TV in every room of your house. Use less electricity and read book once in your life.”

Indeed. But some critics argued that it wouldn’t generate enough electricity or it would be too expensive! Kevin was exacerbated, he told them that “you just don’t get it do you!? Fossil fuels are finite. They will run out you f**king idiots!” TAKE ACTION – here
Australia solar panels
Australia chooses solar panels over convenience
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