"Where do male chickens go? The Great Chicken Genocide"

News from the Natural World: Where do male chickens go? The Great Chicken Genocide has been revealed.

When we interviewed the human public the answers were shocking. Over 97% of people had never even considered the question. Furthermore, 98% had no idea what happened to male chickens. In fact 99% of people responded with “Well male chicks lay eggs don’t they…. oh wait a minute…”. It turned out humanity as a whole really had never thought about it and a male chicken holocaust was happening every year right under their noses. Only a planet run by humans could fail to notice 7 billion deaths every year.

7 billion killed every year

Captain Cluck vowed to liberate his brothers and launched a campaign to ban the controversial but widespread practice of live-shredding male chickens.

The Platypus has finally answered the question of where all male chickens go.


male chickens
Male chickens don’t even get to go to this desolate wasteland

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