“Humans dressing up as animals declared species appropriation”

News from the Natural World: Humans dressing up as animals has been declared species appropriation.

News from the Natural World: Humans dressing up as animals has been declared species appropriation.

The UN has officially declared that humans are no longer allowed to dress up as animals. The practice has been stated to be severe species appropriation. The decision has finally been reached after humans had been dressing as animals for thousands of years.

In fact, the practice started back with the human’s ancestors. Hunters and warriors would wear the skulls, feathers as well as fur for decoration. Secondly, the habit evolved into their ‘shamans’ often taking on the form of animals entirely. Consequently, by dressing up as an animal they could become the ‘Wolf’ or the ‘Tiger’. Fast forward to the 21st century and adults dress up like rhinos to run marathons. In addition, children’s parties feature face painters who transform kids into zebras. Whilst drunken University students rampage around dressed as sexy cats at Halloween. But after years and years, finally, the animals had had enough.

species appropriation
Clear and deliberate species appropriation

Dressing as animals is species appropriation

The animal kingdom decided it had had enough of this disrespect. They knew they had to draw a line in the sand and started a campaign to stop the humans. The Platypus managed to secure an interview with the animal who led the movement, Claudia the Cat. Claudia said that she was fed up of the humans dressing up as sexy Cats. Not only was it offensive to steal her species image, why did human girls have to always portray Cats as ‘sexy’. Image after image of cat ears, painted on nose and whiskers and tight black pvc outfights and mini skirts. It was sexist and exhausting. “We’re not always sexy you know, it’s exhausting and offensive. Why can’t humans just dress as ‘Cat visiting the shops’ or ‘Cat at university’. It’s just so offensive to steal our species and then portray us like that!”

species appropriation
No more sexy cat costumes! It’s species appropriation

No more species appropriation

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