“Right Whales ramming whaling ships in Iceland, Norway and Japan”

News from the Natural World: Right Whales have begun ramming whaling ships in Iceland, Norway and Japan.

News from the Natural World: Right Whales have begun ramming whaling ships in Iceland, Norway and Japan.

Right Whales are one of the three species that make up the large baleen genus Eubalaena. They earned their name because whalers always thought that they were the ‘right’ ones to hunt. This was because they would regularly swim near shore and would also float when harpooned and killed.

Strange reports started surfacing of ships being rammed in the middle of the night. Huge colossal objects smashing into their hulls and terrifying the sailors aboard. Many reported these attacks coming only in the deepest hours of the night. As the attacks intensified the ramming became harder and faster and multiple ships were sunk.

Iceland, Norway & Japan wont stop whaling

The Platypus managed to secure an exclusive interview with Wanda the Whale, the leader of the Right Whales. She said that they had heard reports from under the ocean that the animal kingdom had risen up against the human race. She was inspired and thought that this might finally be the moment that they could take their revenge against the humans. But why did Wanda want revenge.

whaling Iceland Norway Japan
Wanda wanted revenge against Iceland, Norway & Japan for whaling

Across the three Right Whale sub-species it is estimated there were over 400,000 whales at the turn of the 20th century. Fast forward over a hundred years later and it is estimated that only 400 remain with less than 100 breeding females. 399,950 whales killed. Wanda’s friends, family and generations before had all nipped up for a breath of air only to hear an explosive bang. Then a loud thud as a spiked harpoon slammed into their head smashing through their skull. As they screamed in agony the grenade inside the harpoon explodes shooting hot molten shrapnel into their body. If lucky it’s a quick death. But Wanda had watched many times as some whales took hours to die, struggling in agony and pain until being hauled aboard the ship.

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