“Dogs demand recognition for being first species in space”

News from the Natural World: Dogs demand recognition for being the first species in space.

News from the Natural World: Dogs demand recognition for being the first species in space.

Dogs have finally risen up and demanded recognition for being the first animal in space. They had grown absolutely sick and tired of hearing humans bang on and on about space travel. About how brave and pioneering they were. About how Astronauts were the most fearsome and courageous of all animals. Brave? You sacks of Homo Sapian S**t! They were only brave enough to send dogs into space first! Sure, brave enough to build the the rockets but not actually brave enough to test them for themselves. It wasn’t humans who pioneered space travel, it was dogs!

Dogs first animal in space

In fact it was a rhesus monkey who made the first journey. He was called Albert 1 and was the first animal launched into suborbital space in 1948. However it wasn’t until 1957 that an animal made it into orbit. That animal was a dog. The dog was called Laika. She was launched on board the Soviet Sputnik 2 spacecraft on November the 3, 1957. Laika was a mixed breed and one of the bravest dogs who ever lived and Dogs have demanded recognition. She should be more famous than Neil Armstrong.

dogs in space
Laika, the first of all dogs in space

Laika was a young mongrel. She was rescued from the harsh streets of Moscow. Because she had been a stray she had already endured harsh conditions of hunger and cold, perfect for space travel. She was trained for space travel by being kept in incredibly small cages and learned to eat a nutritious gel. She was a pioneer and a true astronaut. However her story ended in tragedy. Her trip into orbit was one-way.

Recognition for Laika the dog

In a brutal blow to the canine species Laika didn’t return. Her trip into space didn’t include a re-entry strategy. She drifted through space, the first animal to set eyes on the Pacific Ocean from the heavens, the first to see the Great Wall of China in all its glory. The animal kingdom watched on as Laika’s spacecraft burned up in the upper atmosphere in April 1958. Finally, Dogs have demanded recognition for this act of pioneering bravery.

dogs in space
Not only the first dog in space but also the first on a stamp

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