“Silverback Gorilla wins Worlds Strongest Man”

News from the Natural World: Silverback Gorilla wins Worlds Strongest Man
News from the Natural World: Silverback Gorilla wins Worlds Strongest Man In a shocking new world-first, a Silverback Gorilla has entered the Worlds Strongest Man competition and won. The decision has been met with widespread anger across the human species. However, in the animal kingdom, the victory is being met with delirium and joy. But who is the Silverback Gorilla who has caused such a storm? Simon the Silverback Gorilla was the strongest in all of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Ever since he had been a baby he had loved to show off his strength. This was because when he was a child he had witnessed his mother’s death at the hands of poachers. They had surprised his family group and brutally shot his brothers and sisters. He watched as they slaughtered them around him, their lifeless bodies falling to the floor filled with bullets. His father singlehandedly fought off three of the poachers before slumping to the floor. Finally, his mother shielded him from the bullets and smothered him as she fell. Her bloodied body hid him from the humans. Once they left he snuck off and crawled into the undergrowth.

Silverback Gorilla wins Worlds Strongest Man

Silverback Gorilla
Simon the Silverback Gorilla fighting poachers
After that traumatic tragedy, Simon vowed that he would defend every single Gorilla. Never again would he let humans be the boss of him. He trained day and night, he ripped up trees, lifted rocks, and constantly fought against poachers. Simon was the first Silverback Gorilla to befriend the rangers who tirelessly worked to protect them. These local rangers laid down their lives to help save the Gorillas and Simon was glad of their help. One day they invited him to join them in their hut where they were watching TV. This was the moment Simon the Silverback Gorilla knew his fate, they were watching the Worlds Strongest Man. Before him were stadiums filled with people cheering and chanting as large hulking humans lifted rocks, cars, and bars. They were competing in challenge after challenge to see who was the strongest in the world. Simon knew this was his destiny and signed up for the next competition. He spent the next year training every single day. Finally, he was ready.
Silverback Gorilla
Eddie Hall much weaker than a Silverback Gorilla
Simon the Silverback Gorilla took the competition by storm. He was immense and overshadowed his human competitors at every turn. They were in awe of his strength and muscles. Not only did he win every single event he also broke the record in every category as well. Silverback Gorillas are 6 to 9 times stronger than the average male human, Simon managed to lift 815kg (1800 lbs) of dead weight. He beat the human Eddie Halls record of 500kg by 315kg. Thats right, he beat the human world record by 315kg. The crowds went absolutely wild and Simon the Silverback won the competition with ease. But Simon was not happy with just victory, he had a message for the humans.

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