“Silverback Gorilla wins Worlds Strongest Man”

News from the Natural World: Silverback Gorilla wins Worlds Strongest Man

Simon the Silverback Gorilla took the competition by storm. He was immense and overshadowed his human competitors at every turn. They were in awe of his strength and muscles. Not only did he win every single event he also broke the record in every category as well. Silverback Gorillas are 6 to 9 times stronger than the average male human, Simon managed to lift 815kg (1800 lbs) of dead weight. He beat the human Eddie Halls record of 500kg by 315kg. Thats right, he beat the human world record by 315kg. The crowds went absolutely wild and Simon the Silverback won the competition with ease. But Simon was not happy with just victory, he had a message for the humans.

Silverback Gorilla lifts 815kg

During the year of his training, Simon had learned that his species was truly standing on the brink of extinction. There were only 880 of his species left. He was one of the last ones left, there were more humans in the stands cheering than his entire species. They had faced years of war, hunting, habitat destruction, and disease. Simon the Silverback Gorilla hoped that by winning the Worlds Strongest Man he could raise awareness about his family and friends. If the humans learned of his strength he could save the rest of the gorillas.

As the camera panned to Simon the Silverback Gorilla’s face his eyes welled up and tears streamed down his face. The whole world was cheering but all Simon could think of was the look in his mother’s eyes when the poachers filled her with bullets. With only 880 of his species left it could not all be for nothing, his family could not have died for no reason. Simon vowed to continue his fight for justice for the Silverback Gorilla community.


Silverback Gorilla
Simon the Silverback Gorilla has vowed to fight on for justice

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