Pig Tickling declared illegal after abuse claims

News from the Natural World: Pig Tickling has been declared illegal after abuse claims.

News from the Natural World: Pig Tickling has been declared illegal after virulent abuse claims.

The ancient practice of Pig Tickling has finally been banned after rampant reports of widespread animal cruelty emerged. The shocking reports surfaced after images were shared online which then went viral. The photos showed horrific displays of rampant tickling.

Pig Tickling
Horrific Pig Tickling practice

Pig Tickling is the old practice of grabbing, picking up and tickling a pig. It was originally used as a way to display strength and mastery of the animal kingdom. Children would practice on piglets, they would chase them in their pens and leap on the terrified animals. The humans even turned it into a competitive art form where they would challenge each other to see who could tickle a pig for the longest. They held farmers markets and competitions as well. They perpetuated the myth that it was harmless and that the pigs enjoyed it. But this was not true. It tormented the pigs and caused them great distress. But there were other numerous acts of horror that the humans inflicted on the pigs.

Pig Tickling declared illegal

Pig Tickling was not the only physical abuse that humans carried out against pigs. They would snatch day old piglets away from their mothers as soon as they were born. In addition, they would keep them in cramped tiny cages and inflict severe pain upon them. But weirdest of all they would grab their genitals with their hands and masturbate them. They would grab their penises and shove weird instruments inside their vaginas. This traumatised the pigs, as if their endless suffering wasn’t enough the humans were now molesting them. The humans had a name for it, artificial insemination.

Pig Tickling
Isn’t the Pig Tickling enough torture!

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