“Hands up if you’re going extinct – by the White Clawed Crayfish”

News from the Natural World: "Hands up if you're going extinct" - by the White Clawed Crayfish.
News from the Natural World: “Hands up if you’re going extinct” – a letter of distress by the White Clawed Crayfish. The White Clawed Crayfish has launched a new campaign that is taking the animal world by storm. The movement has become quite the craze and has gone viral all across the natural world. Although it started by accident it has caught the imagination of all animals facing extinction. Wilbert the White Clawed Crayfish was asked to pose for a photo by a human conservationist and it is this image which started the movement.
White Clawed Crayfish
Wilbert poses
The White Clawed Crayfish is the United Kingdom’s only native freshwater crayfish and is a crucial part of the freshwater world. It is also critically endangered across its entire range. There has been a 70% drop in numbers in England alone because of pollution and habitat destruction. In addition, a non-native invasive species called the Signal Crawfish was introduced which carries a lethal plague. This disease hit the White Claw Crawfish population hard.

White Clawed Crayfish on the brink

This 70% drop in numbers has decimated their population and they stood on the brink of extinction. But a group of conservationists in Bristol had been working on a hatchery for the last 10 years. They aimed to introduce the babies to safe ark sites across the south-west of England. One of these conservationists approached Wilbert to take a photo for the new campaign. Wilbert new that this was his one chance to get a message across to the human world.
White Clawed Crayfish
Red Pandas joined the movement too
He stuck both his claws in the air and uttered the immortal words “Hands up if you’re going extinct”. The photo was then uploaded and went viral immediately. Animals from all over the world flocked to Wilbert’s cause and joined the movement in an act of solidarity. Sea Otters, Penguins, Red Pandas and even Red Squirrels all joined in. Raising two hands to heaven and shouting “Hands up if you’re going extinct”.

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