“Influencers lose 1000 followers for every endangered animal that dies”

News from the Natural World: Influencers lose 1,000 followers for endangered animal that dies.

News from the Natural World: Influencers lose 1,000 followers for endangered animal that dies.

Instagram has announced the controversial new policy to help in the fight against the destruction of the natural world. The company long felt that its vanity promoting platform was not a force for good in the world. It’s widespread use had led to a rampant increase in showing off, bragging and being a false ass b**stard. Instagram said it wanted to align itself more with the core values of its board, namely saving endangered animals.

They announced the new change would come into effect immediately. Instagram drew up a list of 1,000 endangered animals. The list included the Black rhino, Sumatran rhino and Javan rhino which are all critically endangered species. Due to habitat loss and poaching, the Sumatran rhinos are on the verge of extinction with less than 75 remaining in the world. Also making the list was the Vaquita, Orangutan, Silverback Gorilla and many more. Once Instagram had come up with the list of 1,000 animals they followed it with a hugely controversial move.

influencers lose
2 Rhinos killed – 2,000 followers lost

They announced that for every single animal that died out of any of the 1,000 species every influencer with more than 10,000 followers would lose 1,000 followers immediately. In addition if any animal on the list completely disappeared and went extinct every single influencer would lose their blue tick. Just like that the game had changed.

Influencers lose 1000 followers

At first most influencers didn’t believe the announcement was true. Yeah right they thought, there is now way Instagram would do that. The next morning they awoke to a huge shock as they were absolutely haemorrhaging followers. One left-handed-ultra-far-middle-vegan-yoga-wizard was furious when they lost 5,000 followers overnight – “What the bloody hell is going on? How can I show off my false lifestyle?”. Instagram responded that unfortunately poachers in Mozambique had killed 5 Rhino in an overnight raid. This resulted in the removal of 1,000 followers for each rhino lost.

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