“Orangutans find human claim of mastery over nature utterly hilarious”

News from the Natural World: Orangutans find the human claim of mastery over nature utterly hilarious.

News from the Natural World: Orangutans find the human claim of mastery over nature utterly ludicrous and hilarious.

A group of three Orangutans from Sumatra has announced that they find the human species claim to have mastered nature utterly preposterous. Owen, Owena, and Owain couldn’t believe what they were hearing when they first heard the ludicrous claim.

mastery over nature
The three Orangutans absolutely pissing themselves at human claim of mastery over nature

The three apes are part of one of the three species of Orangutans. They and their kind are found only in the north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is estimated that there are only around 7,500 left. The name Orangutan comes from two separate words, “orang” (“people”) and “hutan” (“forest”), derived from the local Malay language. Furthermore it directly translates as ‘person of the forest’.

Human “mastery over nature” yeah right!

The Orangutan earned this nickname because of its pure specialized adaption to the rainforest. They are extremely adapt at life amongst the canopy. They primarily move through the forest using their arms and shoulders as opposed to their legs and hips. These arms and shoulders are immensely powerful, in fact they are 7 times stronger than the average human. They spend the majority of their lives high up in the emergent layer and have made the jungles of Indonesia their home for thousands and thousands of years.

mastery over nature
“mastery over nature” yeah right!!!

Owen, Owena and Owain couldn’t stop laughing when they heard a rumour that humans thought they were the masters of nature. They first heard the claim from a group of tourists in the Guneng Leuser National Park. How could these humans think that they had mastered nature? Had you ever seen them trying to move through the jungle? They were so SLOW and they had to carry all these clothes and equipment. They could barely even climb a tree. The masters of nature! How the three apes chortled and laughed at the thought.

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