“Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans?”

News from the Natural World: Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans? The ultimate canine question has finally been answered.
News from the Natural World: Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans? The ultimate canine question has finally been answered. The great canine science fiction writer, Philip K9. Dick, has released his much anticipated new book. He is one of the greatest writers in the whole of the animal literary world. Alongside Isaac Asimoth, Ursula le Guinea Pig and Robert A. Heinlion he makes up the great quartet of animal science fiction writers. His latest novel “Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans?” was launched yesterday to tremendous fanfare.
Do dogs dream
The futuristic setting of Phillip K9. Dicks new novel
“Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans?” is set in post-apocalyptic San Francisco, where life on earth has been greatly damaged by a global human war. This lethal conflict has left most animal species critically endangered and the human race almost extinct. Dogs have risen as the most dominant life-form on the planet and their advances in technology have propelled the canine species forwards. The narrative follows a bounty hunter called Rick Dachshund who is tasked with “retiring” six escaped Nexus-6 model humans. Also, on earth owning real live humans has become a highly fashionable status symbol as mass extinction has made humans so rare. Despite their technological advances many dogs subconsciously yearn for the simpler days when the ‘master’ human race would care and look after them.

“Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans?”

However not all dogs can afford real humans and some can only afford realistic robot imitations of them. Rick Dachshund owns one such electric human. “Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans?” also examines the real world questions of whether dogs dream. Many scientists and academics believe that all canines dream. Almost all human dog owners can attest that at certain times during sleep dogs may twitch, breath heavily or quiver in excitement as if chasing some imaginary ball. However, we are uncertain of what they dream of and whether they can remember their dreams.
Do dogs dream
What do dogs dream of?
This led to the inspiration for Rich Dachshund to write “Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans?”. In it he ponders the human made world of machines, destruction, fossil fuels pollution and climate change. In addition he also explores the digital realm of AI, artificial constructs, computers, electronic systems which the dogs have exploited. The dogs have become interlocked with this AI and rapidly begin to possess a primitive sense of their own environment. These hyper advanced dogs created by humans are becoming alive and analogous to the human world. These dogs begin to learn about themselves.

What do they dream of?

This is what ultimately led to the humans downfall. Humans constantly focus on learning about the human race by studying their creations and mastery over the animals of the planet. Instead, perhaps humans should make an attempt to understand what dogs think of us. It is this central point that carries on throughout “Do Dogs Dream of Electric Humans?”, the dogs seem more human than the real humans. Dogs are a mirror held up to the human race, contrasted with a culture losing its own humanity.

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