“Monkey sues The Pixies after not going to heaven”

News from the Natural World: A monkey has sued The Pixies after not being going to heaven.

News from the Natural World: A monkey has sued The Pixies after not going to heaven.

A monkey has filed a lawsuit against the popular rock band, The Pixies. Maurice the Marmoset monkey had always been a huge music fan. For his first birthday his parents had bought him a record player, for his sweet sixteenth a walkman and for his 21st an ipod. Maurice was a huge fan of the late 80s early 90s alternative rock boom. He just loved the dynamic “loud-quiet” shifts and song structures. Everything accelerated when he heard the Pixies.

going to heaven
The Pixies

Maurice loved the often surreal lyrics about aliens, religion and loved their jarring alternative rock sound. However Maurice became truly obsessed when he heard their track “This monkey’s gone to heaven”. Finally a song that spoke to him, a song that addressed his worries and fears! Maurice had often pondered what happened to simians when they died. Did they get reincarnated as an Ape? Did they go to monkey heaven? Finally the Pixies had answered his question.

This monkey’s not going to heaven

The song “This monkey’s gone to heaven” famously promised that a monkey had definitely, 100% gone to heaven. In addition it featured the promise that a monkey had gone to heaven over 17 times and the final chorus features the phrase 9 times in a row;

The Pixes
The Pixes “This monkey’s gone to Heaven”

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