“Shere Khan to play the good guy in The Jungle Book 2”

News from the Natural World: Shere Khan is set to play the good guy in a new version of 'The Jungle Book'.

News from the Natural World: Shere Khan is set to play the good guy in a new version of ‘The Jungle Book’.

The Shere Khan of Rudyard Kipling’s famous story ‘The Jungle Book’ is a thrilling yet complex character. He is arguably the most tigery tiger of all literary machinations. He is a fierce hunter, terror of the jungle, and proud and arrogant too. Furthermore, he is on a merciless quest to kill, and young Mowgli is about stray into his sight! He is something that needs to be tamed. For much of the film he acts as a metaphor for mans dominion over nature. Many critics within the animal kingdom have long argued that Shere Khan is wrongly portrayed. They say the incarnation does not do justice to Tigers all over the world. Finally the time has come for a change.

Shere Khan
Evil tiger set for new role

The animal kingdoms most famous literary and film critics have all spoken out about the portrayal of Shere Khan. Terry Eagle, Badger Ebert and even Lionard Maltin have all weighed in and demanded that ‘The Jungle Book’ change its depiction of the king of the forest, the Tiger. They argued that the dark heart of the natural world belonged to mankind not to the Tiger. In addition they said that Shere Khan was the true hero of the story. He was the image of the wild, of the untamed and untainted. He alone stood against the coming tide of destruction and greed of the human villagers.

Shere Khan set for new role in the Jungle Book

After so much sustained pressure the tide has finally turned, the ‘Jungle Book 2’ will feature not only a new good guy, but a whole new species of good guy. Shere Khan is to step forward and take that role. Also, the new adaption of the famous story is to be directed by one of the animal kingdoms leading directors, Quentin Tarantula. In addition, he has rebranded the infamous villain as the beating heart of the story, cast the destructive humans as the villians and Mowgli as a budding young conservationist who sets out to help save the beautiful tiger. Mowgli must overcome many hurdles and challenges along the way to protect and fight for Shere Khan. He faces logging companies, bureaucrats, poachers and even trappers who set out to poison the majestic animal.

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