“Kamikaze pigeon bombers cover Trafalgar Square in exploding rice”

News from the Natural World: Kamikaze pigeon bombers cover Trafalgar Square in exploding rice.
Kamikaze pigeon
Kamikaze pigeon bombers launch exploding attacks
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  1. Thornton heath pigeons , the saddest cruelty of Croydon council giving the birds at Gillett Rd Council estate starved, the birds have been here for years and I have fed them safe foods to eat , it was authorised and accepted , as the pigeons have lived here, only white bread slices were what they were be thrown , I gave them what I could and purchased foods, disappointed with unsafe oyster shell grit , took the particles out, the hard sharp dried corn.
    People us the word you use to describe yourselves, not stated what categories a decent person. Decency would be not starving pigeons or torturing them with sarcastic gestures, as britain know civilisation in not part of british culture.

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