“Where now for man raised by Gelada Baboons?”

News from the Natural World: Where now for man raised by Gelada Baboons?

News from the Natural World: Where now for man raised by Gelada Baboons?

Everyone across the world is asking “what next?” for a human man who was raised by Gelada Baboons in Ethiopia.

Gelada Baboons are also called the bleeding-heart monkey. They are a species of Old World monkey. The majestic Ethiopian Highlands are their only home. There is a very large population in the famous Simien Mountains. Geladas are in fact not true baboons but are the only living member of a separate genus. They are famous for the huge red heart on their chest, it is a sign of their romantic ways. In addition the bright red patch of hairless skin on their chest changes its appearance when they’re ready to mate.

Gelada Baboons
Gelada Baboons raise human love child

But the Gelada Baboons had one more trick up their sleeve. They had been secretly raising a human child for years. The leader of the baboons was called Furious George. One day many moons ago he had found an orphaned human child. Furious George decided to take the child and look after him, he raised him as one of their own. They decided to name him Baboom because he was like a monkey in a minefield. In addition, Baboom was a real chimp off the old block. He would follow his adopted father everywhere and learned from him the ways of the baboons.

What next for man raised by Gelada Baboons?

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