“Humanphobia – new environmental illness affecting Generation Z”

News from the Natural World: Humanphobia - psychologists have diagnosed a new environmental illness affecting Generation Z.
News from the Natural World: Humanphobia – psychologists have diagnosed a new environmental illness affecting Generation Z. A dangerous new disease is sweeping across the world. It lurks in the shadows of the mind and is affecting countless teenagers. Numerous psychologists dash to diagnose it in a mad zealous purge. It has been affecting humans in the Generation Z bracket. Generation Z reached adulthood in the second decade of the 21st century. They are very familiar with the Internet from an incredibly young age. The new disease affecting them is more deadly than a Collapsing Minecraft, far more powerful than an Xbox Loveroom and even more dangerous than an TikTok Deathclock.
Humanphobia – terrified of the human race!
The disease is called Humanphobia and is characterised by an intense fear of the human race. The intense fear of humans includes a growing sense of doom towards humanity. In addition to feeling hatred and guilt for even existing as a human being. Finally, the patient is overcome by a complete sense of despair about the future of the planet. The illness is particularly affecting Generation Z because they are spending so much time online. They have learned from a very young age about the 6th Extinction and seen the horrific destruction of the natural world at the hands of humans.

Humanphobia – the new disease

Humanphobia doesn’t seem to affect other generations as much. They have been able to bury their head in the sand and distract themselves. They spend their time thinking about debase tribal politics, race war and rampant consumerism. However, Generation Z has been massively exposed to the online evidence of humans extinction of life on earth and as such feel somewhat differently. Humanphobia is sweeping across the planet like a rampant teenager at a school disco. But this is one merry dance that won’t end with a snog behind the bike sheds. The final stage of Humanphobia is that the patient renounces their humanity and no longer identifies as human. Furthermore, they leave the human world and dedicate their life to a specific conservation cause or critically endangered animal. Many of them march and protest against the apathy of the older generations. They have even left school to strike against the destruction of the world. Greta Thunberg is their leader.

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