“Cane Toads replaced by humans as worlds most invasive species”

News from the Natural World: Cane Toads have been knocked off top spot and replaced by humans as the worlds most invasive species.
News from the Natural World: Cane Toads have been knocked off top spot and replaced by humans as the worlds most invasive species. Cane Toads have famously been the worlds most invasive species for many years. These giant neotropical toads are the worlds largest toad. They were native to South and Central America but were introduced to various islands in Ocean, the Caribbean and Australia. Cane Toads are prolific breeders and females can lay huge single-clump spawns with thousands and thousands of eggs. In addition it will eat virtually anything, including dead and living matter. It has ran rampant and destroyed the natural world, it is a true invasive species. Many a human has lost their life to the endless battle against this virulent amphibian!
Cane Toads
Cane Toads invasion has been endless!
An invasive species is any kind of living organism that is introduced and not native to an ecosystem. In addition it causes great harm to its environment, grows and reproduces quickly. Furthermore these aggressive species are a serious threat and have devastating effects on wildlife. Around 42% of all endangered species on the planet are at risk due to invasive species. The impacts of these invasive species on the earths natural ecosystems is colossal. On top of that they cost the human economy billions of dollars every year.

Cane Toads no longer most invasive species

But it is these very humans who have now shaken up the world of invasive species and toppled the old order. The worlds most invasive species had always been the Asian Carp, Zebra Mussel, Lion Fish, Common Rabbit, Northern Pacific Seastar and finally the top invader the Cane Toads. But new data showed that humans were the rightful top invasive species. Human have colonised every corner of the globe, created species made climate change and spawned the 6th Extinction. In addition they have left rubbish at both the lowest point, the Marianna Trench, and the highest point, Mt Everest. Finally they even managed to invade the moon, leaving rubbish and microbes behind, the first ever invasive species to leave the confines of the planet! Like all true invasive species, the downfall often comes from within, life depends on healthy native ecosystems and it is unknown whether humans may be the worst and LAST invasive species.

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