“Humanity abandons celebrities and celebrates conservationists instead”

News from the Natural World: Humanity has decided to abandon celebrity culture and celebrate conservationists instead.
News from the Natural World: Humanity has decided to abandon celebrity culture and celebrate conservationists instead. The human race has finally decided to abandon the praise and ideological pursuit of fame for the sake of fame. Humans will no longer applaud and praise celebrities whose only talent is being famous. If any celebrities answer to the question “What are they famous for?” with “Their parents were famous/rich” then they will be removed as celebrities. Also if the answer is “they released a sex tape” then they will also immediately be abandoned. Humans will no longer idolise people just because they are in the tabloids, on TV or just share every intimate detail of their lives.

Humanity abandons celebrities

The move comes following a terrifying report. Over 10,000 children were surveyed all over the world. The report only had one question on it. What did the children want to be when they were older. Over 63% stated that they wanted to be famous. When asked “famous for what?” they couldn’t answer, they didn’t understand the question. They just wanted to be famous.
celebrities conservationists
“I just want to be famous like celebrities”
Some critics have argued that some of these vacuous celebrities do charity work and volunteer to protect the environment. Yes and do you know who else does? Conservationists, Scientists and Environmentalists. They dedicate their ENTIRE LIVES to protecting the planet. Most do it without fame or fortune. Many are already spending the majority of their time fighting to save the natural world with no reward. Just because Courtney Kardashian flashes her cleavage in front of an Orangutan is not grounds for celebration. Why not instead celebrate people who actually spend their lives saving Orangutans?

Humanity replaces celebrities with conservationists

celebrities conservationists
The Kardashians are no longer celebrities
Furthermore, a large number of celebrities have actually praised the move. Many of them hate the horrors of fame. They argue it will also reduce anxiety, stress, and mental illnesses for many celebrities. Child superstars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Macauley Culkin, etc will no longer have their mental health destroyed and assaulted by hordes of rampant paparazzi and screaming fans. Since the sweeping move humanity has removed the entire cast of every series of Love Island, all the Kardashians, and every single Big Brother contestant. Charity workers, conservationists, and environmentalists have replaced these celebrities. People who spend their lives trying to protect critically endangered animals.

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