“UK Government adds Conservation as a compulsory school subject”

News from the Natural World: The UK Government has added Conservation as a compulsory school subject.

News from the Natural World: The UK Government has added Conservation as a compulsory school subject.

The UK Government made the landmark decision after a huge review of the National Curriculum. All local-authority-maintained human schools in the UK must teach a previously agreed national curriculum of specific subjects. This national curriculum features the current subjects of;

  • English
  • maths
  • science
  • history
  • geography
  • modern foreign languages
  • design and technology
  • art and design
  • music
  • physical education
  • citizenship
  • information and communication technology (ICT)
Conservation school subject
Conservation will be a compulsory school subject for all

Alongside these subjects, schools must also provide religious education and sex education but human parents can ask for their children to be taken out of these lessons. However, all of that is now to change after a dramatic u-turn. The UK Government canvassed every single human scientist across the UK as well as a public poll of over 100,000 humans. They all unanimously agreed that the single most pressing crisis facing humanity was the destruction of the natural world, climate change and the 6th Extinction. In addition, they also agreed that this was the single most important thing to teach children as it was going to be them who would have to change the course of history.

Conservation to be compulsory school subject

The new subject will simply be called ‘Conversation” and feature modules on climate change, deforestation, population growth, 6th extinction and other topics affecting the natural world. The children will do research studies into the top 10 critically endangered animals on the planet. Furthermore the subject will have a practical side and children will take lessons outdoors and around their local community. They will learn about the flora and fauna of their local area as well as the challenges faced by the animals they share their local lives with. Homework will include identifying species of plants in their nearest park/garden. Setting up bird boxes for migratory and nesting birds. Creating insect hotels out of old logs and toilet rolls for bugs and critters.

Conservation school subject
Conservation for all school children

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