“Tardigrades become first species to conquer solar system”

News from the Natural World: Tardigrades have beaten humans to become the first animal to conquer the solar system.

News from the Natural World: Tardigrades have beaten humans to become the first animal to conquer the solar system.

The Platypus can exclusively reveal that a different species has beaten the human race to the conquest of the solar system. Humans have long believed that they were the great species of the stars. The arrogant Homo Sapiens always thought that they were the conquerors of space and luminaries of the night sky. They celebrated astronauts and scientists, Yuri Gargarin was hailed as the first human in space. In addition, Neil Armstrong was lauded as the first human to step foot on the moon. Finally, Elon Musk was praised as the next human to lead the charge into the atmosphere. But new evidence shows that another species was the first to conquer the solar system.

That species was the Tardigrades. Tardigrades are tiny animals that resemble caterpillars mixed with teddy bears, they have been nicknamed “water bears”. These microscopic animals possess the remarkable ability to survive almost anywhere in any conditions. They can adapt to a huge range of environmental dangers, in heat they release heat-shock proteins that protects them. In addition they form puffer jacket cysts that allow them to survive. Furthermore they can survive without water, or even frozen in ice, for decades at a time. They live in the ocean, in every climate, every latitude and even in the soil of every continent. Because of their toughness they have conquered almost the entire planet. But until now there was one region they hadn’t conquered, space.

The Tardigrades are coming!

How did Tardigrades get to the moon?

The Platypus can reveal that Tardigrades have not only successfully landed on the moon but they are also surviving and thriving there. An Israeli lunar lander crash landed on the moon, the lander contained a digital library of humanity, life on earth and colossal amounts of data. It was hoped that it might preserve a record of earth if earth was ever destroyed. But the ‘library’ also contained a species of animal, the Tardigrades. Many of those tardigrades were cocooned in a resin like substance. Not only did those Tardigrades survive, but they actually managed to reproduce. This is the first record of any animal ever surviving complete space exposure. This discovery has finally shattered the illusion that humans were the first animal to conquer space.

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